Beware of opening Microsoft Word attachments, new 0-Day exploit

April 11, 2017 | SHARE >

Be a highly suspicious of any Word documents that arrive in your email.  There is a new zero-day attack on all Microsoft Office users.  This attack installs malware onto fully patched systems running Microsoft’s operating system via an Office vulnerability.  We recommend refraining from sending or opening any Word documents via email.  Microsoft Office has a feature called “Protected View” that is enabled by default; however, you should double check your settings to make sure that this feature is turned on.  If you do open a Word document and see this pop up, it’s a pretty good indicator that something is wrong.  Microsoft is expected to release a fix within its next round of security updates today.  If you have the patch management service with Computer Gurus we will be push the update as soon as it is available.

If you think you may be infected contact our office at 910.874.8787.

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