Data Security Management:
Do you have a plan in place in case your data is accidentally deleted, stolen, or lost due to a natural disaster? As a business owner, you know how much downtime, frustration, and profitability this will cause you; the potential customer loss, financial loss, employee unproductivity. Computer Gurus has your solution.
Computer Gurus offers 24/7 monitoring and protection from vicious virus attacks resulting in potential data loss and/or theft. Our Data Vault service offers data back-up and quick retrieval. Less downtime and less to worry about in the event of lost data.

AVAILABITY MONITORING – Keeps you connected
Anti-virus, connectivity and back-up
Regular reports and health checks

RECOVERY MANAGEMENT – Gets you up and running
Data, archive and continuity services
Vulnerability and virus management

SYSTEM RISK CONSULTING – Reduces risk of downtime
Quarterly risk audit
Planning and testing

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