Threat Defense:

“When everything is added together, small businesses could face losses of nearly $55,000 following a cyberattack.” ¹ It’s estimated that 48% of breaches are caused by malicious hackers².
Let Computer Gurus help you limit and/or avoid these losses. We can provide 24/7 System Monitoring. Some of our services for maintaining the security of your systems include:

  • Analyzing risks and threats
  • Producing regular reports
  • Running anti-virus software
  • Protecting your email
  • Offering consultancy support & advice
  • Developing guidance and policies
  • Testing your systems against hacking

Systems monitoring takes a comprehensive look at your current systems and spots any threats – fast.

¹ Business News Daily article “Worried About a Cyberattack? What It Could Cost Your Small Business” (October 12, 2015)
² 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study – Ponemon Institute

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